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About Us


Hope in Health is a purpose-built private wellbeing space in Northern NSW providing an authentic ecosystem of support and guidance that can help you overcome your biggest challenges. With an unparalleled commitment to each and every client, we mobilise our facilities, activities and expertise to tailor a transformational experience.

Not just a place to overcome and manage obstacles ranging from addiction and substance abuse to burnout and trauma, Hope in Health is an opportunity for moments of discovery, unexpected learnings, and memories to be savoured and retold. With a diverse team of professionals, visionaries and supporters, we’re your best hope in health, by your side every step of the way.



Built on understanding and versatility

Hope in Health breaks away from traditional rehabilitation by providing an innovative splice of facility-based nourishment and long-term support. We work distinctly with every guest to help push their betterment beyond our walls and into their everyday lives with personalised programs, encouraging strength in independence.

Recognise how our idiosyncratic approach can help you reanimate the best version of yourself.


A clean start beyond our facility

At Hope in Health, we look beyond long-lasting recovery and management with a vision of forever. We believe that the key to enduring success lies in the development of constructive and invigorating habits that surpass our northern NSW sanctuary, ultimately allowing you to configure transformational goals every day and construct a study structure for the future.

With respect to your individual challenges, these revitalising patterns are intrinsically intertwined with all aspects of our fortifying framework.



Empowering change

Hope in Health is deeply inspired by the connection between the body, nature and mind. We’ve developed a revelatory journey that blends holistic foundations with reinvigorating pillars of sustenance. This gives us the flexibility to mould our work around the needs, expectations and vision of each person in our community, and then continually refine our work as they transform.

Discover the cornerstones of nutrition, mindfulness, nature and exercise and how they are intertwined with a vision of management and recovery.

Recognise how our idiosyncratic approach can help you reanimate the best version of yourself.


Strength in likemindedness

The Hope in Health community is leveraged by a passion for change. This includes our guests, staff, partners and the supporters of anyone’s journey towards reinvigoration. Get involved in the Hope In Health community – one confident in each other and ourselves.

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