The highest quality of rehabilitation care for Brisbane clients

A supportive, welcoming rehabilitation experience

An hour and a half from Brisbane, Hope in Health provides the highest quality of safe and supportive rehabilitative care. Discover a residential rehabilitation experience that’s transformative and holistic, catering to your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Our Pottsville location offers a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere away from the city’s hustle. Easily accessible to Brisbane clients, we welcome clients from across Australia to experience the Hope In Health difference.

We offer fully personalised detox and withdrawal programs, PTSD treatments and addiction rehabilitation programs, as well as specialised veteran, first responder and return to work rehabilitation programs to suit your needs. Once your residential rehabilitation program is completed, you’ll find robust, transitional support pathways that allow for comprehensive ongoing treatment Australia wide.


Individualised rehabilitation programs

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our rehabilitation treatments. Offering personalised and integrated care, our expert team of multidisciplinary practitioners work in close coordination with each of our clients to design truly individualised rehabilitation programs.

Whether you’re seeking support for PTSD, detoxification or addiction rehabilitation, each one of our personalised treatments lead to genuine transformation, creating sustainable healing that lasts for the long term.


Complete care and consideration

We provide comprehensive care for our clients travelling from afar to our residential facility. Find full coordination of every aspect of your care, from transportation through your rehabilitation experience through to aftercare.

During your in-person rehabilitation experience, you’ll find peace and tranquillity that supports a holistic rehabilitation process. Our high-quality clinical care also saves many of our Brisbane clients time and money through breaking the cycle of repeat rehabilitation experiences.


A superior residential rehabilitation facility

Located in Pottsville in NSW’s Northern Rivers, our beautiful custom-designed residential facility offers a superior level of care and comfort during your stay.

Enjoy welcoming, peaceful accommodation and amenities, set against a rich, beautiful natural backdrop. Throughout the course of each day during your in-person residential experience, you’ll benefit from the privacy and discreetness of our Pottsville suburban location, offering a healing environment that supports your therapeutic experiences.

With no more than a select few clients under our care at any one time, you’ll benefit from expert clinical care, a welcoming and supportive peer base and a peaceful, regulated and safe environment.


Support in every step

At Hope In Health, our support doesn’t end at the completion of your residential rehabilitation experience.

We provide industry-leading transitional support that’s personalised to your unique needs and circumstances. Benefit from ongoing therapeutic support as you transition back to the bustle of Brisbane, finding the rich, compassionate care that defined your in-person experience as you navigate this next milestone. Learn more about our transitional support pathways here.

With an expert team of multidisciplinary practitioners, we’re able to serve clients around Australia, building rehabilitation programs that provide genuine transformation for the long term.


If you’re looking for the highest quality of comprehensive and personalised rehabilitation care, contact our friendly, welcoming team. You’ll experience the Hope In Health difference at every step of your rehabilitation journey.

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