Our community brings together a diverse group of passionate, encouraging and experienced people who believe in our mission. These people have supported our vision from the ground up and are helping us spearhead an international revolution for rehabilitation.


As our Natural Therapies partner, Cosm Natural Health provides a range of therapies that address Hope In Health’s guest needs personally and holistically. With a range of amazing services spanning acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, Holographic Kinetics and more, Hope In Health partners with Cosm to create a safe environment for every individual guest, optimising their recovery journey to live in health rather than fight against internal or physical struggles.

Driven by a genuine sense of community, the Cosm team actively share healing knowledge with others, and learn from the collective experience. We look forward to working with the Cosm team to help Hope In Health guests optimise their healing experience and recovery journey through personalised natural therapies.

As a core member of our recovery crew, Jenna Brown Yoga provides relatable and down to earth yoga practices that are personalised to each individual’s recovery needs, allowing recovery guests to create and hold space that targets coping with inner addiction, trauma or burnout struggles.

With empowerment and connection at the centre of their philosophy, we help our guests achieve amazing recovery outcomes with Jenna Brown Yoga.

Central to the Hope In Health’s natural approach to recovery, our plant alchemy strategy is both personalised and holistic for our guests. To help us optimise recovery results, Synthesis Organics create transformative, locally produced organic products that nourish the face, skin and awaken the senses through aroma alchemy. Anything that touches the skin in Hope In Health bathrooms are all produced by the team at Synthesis Organics, just down the road on the outskirts of Byron Bay.

More than producers of amazing self-care products, the team at Synthesis Organics run workshops and facilitate self-care rituals centred on the value of essential oils and their bioenergetic value in the recovery journey. Synthesis Organics brings a valuable balance of nature, science and spirit to our recovery guests.

As our pilates partner, Vision Pilates align naturally to the philosophy of the Hope In Health. With a strong emphasis on developing a deep and genuine understanding for each individual, Vision Pilates is dedicated to self-improvement and personalised outcome, where positive change happens through positive movement.

Knowing the healing power that positive movement can bring to any recovery journey, Vision Pilates tailors its classes to each guest’s needs, ensuring that their path to recovery is personalised and practical. Our guests experience positive recovery through positive Vision Pilates movement.


As our local ‘building legends’, Young Concepts have been on our construction journey from day-1. Going above and beyond quality materials and service, the team at Young Concepts personalised all building materials and structures to meet our specific building needs. Master-planned and purpose-built, our facility is bright, open and climate resilient, creating the perfect environment for a sustainable recovery experience.

As our local ‘interior design legends’, Design Scout have been integral in combining aesthetic and functional design with the practical needs of Hope In health’s recovery guests. Providing a holistic service from start to finish, Design Scout helped Hope In Health craft an ambient experience inside and out. With minimalist private single rooms, each subtly themed and individualised, combined with warming bright open communal spaces throughout the facility, Design Scout’s fresh and vibrant approach aligned perfectly to help bring Hope In Health’s vision to life.

As our local ‘solar legends’, SAE not only provided our facility with a state-of-the-art solar system, they 100% donated the full system. What a bunch of absolute legends! Going beyond the run-of-the-mill solar system, the team at SAE made sure the Hope In Health facility had the most efficient solution, adapting to our individual needs with the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials. And did we mention all 100% donated?! With SAE, Hope In Health can ensure that we minimise our carbon footprint, whilst keeping our guests warm as they recover in the pool or spa.

As our local ‘creative media legends’, Desire Studios & Media have helped Hope In Health’s journey to not only dream big - but provide us with the creative direction to push boundaries and find new ways to engage in a traditionally rigid industry. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop our recovery movement with the Desire team.

As our local ‘pool legends’, Dynamic Pool Designs helped Hope In Health tailor our pool requirements to the needs of the brand. With a focus on health through nourishment and movement, we needed more than ‘just any pool’. The team at Dynamic Pools tailored a design that was not only fit for purpose but also provided the authentic mineral-rich systems that we needed for both our pool and spa. Using the benefits of dead sea minerals and magnesium, we appreciate the benefits - as I know our guests will.

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