Making recovery simpler, more enjoyable and longer lasting. Hope in Health brings together the right people, information and tools to transform the lives of every person that walks through our doors. From corporate workers and high-performing athletes to parents, couples and young adults, we’re here to help you tackle addiction, burnout and other significant personal hurdles. With an approach that blends hope and health, you can regain control of your emotional, spiritual and physical self – today and for years to come.


At Hope in Health, we custom-design programs to balance nutrition, exercise, nature and mindfulness. This personalised approach gives us the flexibility to mould our work around the needs, expectations and vision of each person in our community, and then continually refine our work as they transform. While these programs start at a base of 4-weeks, we have options to suit everyone.



We offer a safe and rejuvenating space for you to reset.


We develop the structures to guide you on a journey towards long-lasting success.


We used our experience and training to create programs that reflect the needs of each person.


We are committed to programs that sustain recovery - naturally.


We live by our mission and improving people’s lives starts with the way we live our own. We’re creating an authentic ecosystem of support and guidance that finds the perfect balance between hope and health- and we’re backed by a strong and diverse team of professionals, visionaries and supporters. Together, we want to help our community through the journey of recovery, transformation and wellness. We know first hand just how tough it can be on the journey towards health too.


Co-Founder and Program Director


Natural Therapist


Yoga Teacher


Co-Founder and Strategy Director


Natural Therapist




Lead therapist




AOD Support Worker


Meditation Mentor


No matter who you are or what hurdles you’re facing, we have a place for you at Hope in Health. Reach out to our team to discuss your next journey with us.


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Co-Founder and Program Director

Nick co-founded Hope in Health because his own experiences with rehabilitation left him wanting more – for himself and for others.

After sourcing the ideal location in the Northern Rivers region of NSW that matched his vision, he worked with his team to master-plan and and purpose-build a facility – a place for people to come and experience treatment and therapy for addiction, trauma and burnout, which balances nutritious food, mindful practices, and movement; all in a setting where they could experience the healing aspects of nature.

A loving father, successful trainer, and human going through his own recovery, Nick’s kindness, and desire to help others, is evident in everything he does. People are attracted to his positive energy and this has led him to creating a wonderful team at Hope in Health that will help many people live their best lives.

Hugh Hayward


With a variety of herbs, mixed with Chinese massage and acupuncture techniques, Hugh has taken nature’s approach to rehabilitate people; and as a result has already helped thousands in their recovery journey over the past decade.

Having personal and family experience with addiction, Hugh has a great understanding of addiction which drives his passion to help others find balance at Hope in Health. He believes balance is “the key to healing through sustainable habits”.

Jenna Brown

Yoga Teacher

From a young age, Jenna saw the struggles of addiction and what it brings to people and the others around them. Harnessing her own life experience, over 1,000 hours of yoga teacher training, and 5+ years of holistic health coaching to teach others how to cope better in their lives, Jenna believes that we can all learn to cope with life’s struggles; if we want to.

At Hope in Health, Jenna is committed to sharing her yoga tools in order for Hope in Health guests to cope and ultimately recover in their journey, and feels privileged to be able to help others cope with life’s high demands through relatable, down to earth yoga practices.

Jenna’s excited to be part of the Hope in Health mission, delivering yoga tools that have helped her in a way that’s easily understood and applied.

Jake Majerovic

Strategy & Operations Director

Over 20 years in business, brand and IT management and consulting, Jake has worked with many of Australia’s leading companies including the big 4 banks, Allianz, Woolworths and Telstra, just to name a few.

Having mentored, advised and supported many budding startups over the years, Jake’s passion for’ making a difference’ attracted him to head up Hope In Health’s Strategy & Operations, with a focus on making Hope In Health resilient, robust and most importantly – the world’s greatest recovery experience!

With his relentless dedication for making startups grow and succeed, Jake’s human-centred mindset combined with his wealth of business and technology experience will ensure Hope In Health has everything it needs to make the biggest possible impact.

Jake believes that recovery is a journey not a destination, and is committed to providing a place where hope balanced with health supports every individual’s recovery experience.

Jai Watson


Backed by degrees in Health Science, Traditional Chinese Remedial Massage and Esoteric Acupuncture, Jai combats mental health disorders through holistic physical treatment. He was inspired to study medicine to turn his health around for the better using these holistic methods.

Jai has treated a significant range of clients with health challenges, and at Hope in Health, aims to connect people to their higher hearts.

Kea Raharuhi


Kea has spent the past 25 years preparing delicious foods in many different cooking roles, which has allowed her to utilise the benefits and functions that good food can bring to medicinally support Hope in Health guests. With a zealous drive to source foods locally and organically, Kea constantly looks for only the highest quality ingredients to match the Hope in Health experience.

Kea feels that the Hope in Health team has the power to reconnect people to the world around us, and break the habits that disconnected us in the first place.



Catherine’s 20+ years of experience across public and private rehabilitation, combined with her passion for understanding and helping others, have equipped her with the skills to help people through rehabilitation via therapy (in one-on-one and group settings) and education around addiction, boundaries, and emotional processes.

Catherine believes the stars aligned when she met Nick and was given the opportunity to work at Hope in Health to provide a better recovery experience for their guests. She feels a strong alignment to the program, and her commitment to helping others and her enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Belinda Carman


Working in the Public Health System, Neurosciences, and Palliative Care for 25 years has given Belinda the means to facilitate positive change with addiction through Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis techniques.

Belinda is motivated by helping others and having an impact on those around her and is humbled by the strength, resilience and courage they can show. She is truly committed to her role at Hope in Health that fits so closely to her philosophy for better health.


AOD Support Worker

Although he has a passion for helping others in general, Wade found himself drawn to supporting those in addiction, which he experienced himself as a teenager. This has given him a deep understanding in his field that he will incorporate into his role at Hope in Health.

Wade believes that everyone deserves a fair go, to feel safe, and to be heard. Passionate about eastern traditions and spirituality in general, Wade has a meditation teacher and a regular practice. He also practices yoga and exercises 6 days a week. These interests, coupled with his background and life experience makes Wade uniquely suited to make a difference at Hope In Health.

Darcy Green


With a mind of wisdom and the knowledge of Tibetan, Chinese and Theravadin masters, Darcy has spent years practicing meditation his masters have taught. He wishes to pass down the art of meditation at Hope in Health, where guests can expect to experience cultural healing techniques and knowledge.

At Hope in Health, Darcy is extremely proud to be of benefit to others and support those who come from similar situations with addiction.