Welcoming and supportive residential rehabilitation for Gold Coast clients

If you’re seeking high quality residential rehabilitation, Hope In Health offers warm, welcoming and effective rehabilitation and addiction treatment solutions just 50 minutes from the Gold Coast.

We understand that finding rehabilitation support can be a sensitive matter. That’s why our Pottsville location is nestled in a secluded residential area, providing a discreet, private experience for our Gold Coast clients to undertake treatment and recovery.

Whether you need assistance with detox and withdrawal, PTSD or addiction rehabilitation, or are seeking a specialised veteran, first responder and return to work treatment, Hope In Health can help. Better yet, you’re not on your own after you complete your rehabilitation. Our transitional support provides ongoing therapeutic pathways for long-term healing and recovery.


Australia’s highest quality of residential rehabilitation

Our evidence-based, integrated care provides a highly-personalised experience for clients across the Gold Coast and Tweed region. With an emphasis on every aspect of physical, mental and emotional health, our effective residential rehabilitation experiences can save time and money by breaking the cycle of repeat in-patient rehabilitation facility stays.

From the clinical excellence of our expert team through to our safe and peaceful residential facility, you’ll find the highest quality of residential rehabilitation at Hope In Health.


Comprehensive and customised healthcare

Experience truly holistic care in every aspect of your rehabilitation journey with Hope In Health. Unlike other residential rehabilitation facilities, we don’t offer any programs that aren’t custom-fit to the individual needs of our clients.

Each personalised detox, addiction rehabilitation and PTSD treatment program is fully customised. From your first point of contact with our team, you’ll find robust collaboration across disciplines to build a customised program that’s designed specifically for your individual needs.


Holistic and coordinated rehabilitation experiences

Every element of your rehabilitation program is carefully considered by our expert team. From transport logistics through to our comprehensive evidence-based therapies, you’ll experience intuitive and personalised care that’s attuned to your needs and goals.

We offer holistic coordination of your entire rehabilitation experience, offering a seamless and stress-free approach to setting you up for rehabilitation success.


A superior residential rehabilitation facility

Our custom-built residential facility is a home away from home, providing the perfect backdrop for your rehabilitation program. Enjoy modern and peaceful accommodation within one of the most beautiful natural pockets in Australia. Discreetly located in a private Pottsville suburban area, you’ll be safe and secure to embrace true peace in the midst of your rehabilitation journey.


Support in every step

At Hope In Health, our support doesn’t end when your in-person residential experience does. We provide transformative, ongoing transitional support to our clients across Australia.

Enjoy complete coordination of your ongoing therapeutic needs, with a rich network of expert therapists allowing us to support your rehabilitation for the long term. Learn more about our transitional support here.


If you or your loved one is looking for genuine rehabilitation, Hope In Health can support you in every step. Contact us today to learn more about our personalised programs and discover the supportive, welcoming team you need to experience lasting transformation and recovery.

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