Comprehensive, personalised rehabilitation for discerning Sydney clients

A welcoming and private rehabilitation experience

Find a personalised and comprehensive rehabilitation experience unlike any other in Australia at Hope In Health. With every element of your rehabilitation program designed in coordination with our multidisciplinary expert team, you’ll find the highest quality of compassionate clinical care within a warm and welcoming environment.

Our Northern Rivers, NSW location is quiet and accessible, offering privacy and security for Sydney clients. With a unique approach to your detoxification and rehabilitation journey, you’ll find every aspect of your care is considered and planned for, from transport logistics through to communication with family and friends back home.

Find a unique solution to your individual recovery needs with Hope In Health, whether you’re seeking addiction rehabilitation, PTSD treatment or a detoxification and withdrawal program, our compassionate team can help.

With intuitive support for every practical, physical, mental and emotional need, we offer the highest quality of residential rehabilitation and ongoing long-term rehabilitation support to clients across Sydney and beyond. Your journey starts here – and we’ll support you in every step, both during your in-person stay and throughout your ongoing rehabilitation experience.

Sustainable client-centred treatments

If one of the barriers that’s kept you from rehabilitation is taking time out of a full schedule, it’s important to know that the time you invest will result in sustainable, long-term recovery.

At Hope In Health, every aspect of our evidence-based therapies is undertaken within a robust, integrated framework. We offer addiction rehabilitation, detoxification programs and PTSD treatments, as well as specialised veteran, first responder and return to work rehabilitation programs catered to your unique needs.

 This allows for the highest quality of specific rehabilitation care and support, working intimately with your individual needs to achieve the most personal care experience possible.

Our client-centred treatment approaches mean our Australian clients save time and money through their sustainable rehabilitation process, breaking the cycle of repeat in-person residential rehabilitation and providing genuine transformation that’s built for the long term.

Comprehensive clinical support

For our clients who are travelling from Sydney, we provide comprehensive care that accounts for your holistic rehabilitation experience. Our friendly, supportive team can coordinate all aspects of your travel and in-person residential experience, simplifying the process of receiving the high-quality clinical support you need.

From the moment you step out of your everyday life, you’ll experience the difference with our luxurious, welcoming and discerning care.

A superior residential rehabilitation facility

Our custom-built residential facility offers state-of-the-art comfort, peace and privacy far away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. With an environment that feels like a home away from home, you’ll enjoy beautiful and thoughtful amenities, a wide range of daily activities and therapeutic treatments and the benefits of our beautiful natural surroundings. Tucked away in Pottsville, you’ll also enjoy privacy and discretion in every step of your rehabilitation program.

Support in every step

Our comprehensive clinical care doesn’t stop once your in-person residential experience is complete. With industry-leading and innovative transitional support that’s accessible Australia wide, we offer sustainable ongoing treatment pathways that will continue to provide the highest quality of evidence-based care for every aspect of your long-term recovery.

Learn more about our transitional support here and discover how Hope In Health can support you over every milestone to come.


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