What We Do

You’ll never be the same again when you experience genuine freedom from trauma, addiction or shame. We believe every Australian deserves the highest quality of compassionate-filled clinical care to achieve this.

Our personalised rehabilitation and recovery treatments are designed to meet you right where you’re at. Whether this is your first or your twentieth experience with rehabilitation, we’re ready with the robust support you need to reach the other side.

Our comprehensive approach to rehabilitation is marked by our integrated approach to care. With a wide range of evidence-based treatments facilitated by our expert multidisciplinary team, we find unique pathways forward for each client in pursuit of holistic recovery.

Our Approach

No rehabilitation program is complete without integrated care of your physical, mental and emotional needs. At Hope in Health, therapeutic treatments occur within a holistic framework, encompassing all aspects of your recovery needs.

This rehabilitative approach is grounded in real-world experience gained from supporting a wide range of clients to achieve tangible and sustainable recoveries. Our evidence-based support structures, tested and refined over time, result in transformed lives and ongoing sobriety.

Everyone deserves access to the highest quality of clinical care and support. At Hope in Health, you’ll find the tools to heal, recover and build for the future.

Our Dedication to Health

Our therapeutic methodologies are in service of our dedication to achieving the highest quality of health and wellbeing for our clients. With a team of multidisciplinary practitioners who are dedicated to providing compassionate care, support and guidance across each stage of your rehabilitation program, you’ll experience the difference of our integrated, holistic approach.

Whether you need extensive physical rehabilitation, mental health treatments, education or all of the above, our commitment to evidence-based treatments creates a robust framework for your holistic care.

Our Values

The values that define our team are evident in every aspect of our integrated care. We’re committed to:

  • Personalisation: With no two programs alike, we believe the best rehabilitative care is delivered when control remains in your hands.
  • Compassion: Our clinical integrity is fuelled by our empathy, understanding and humanity.
  • Evidence-Based Treatments: Each of our practitioners meets the highest regulatory requirements standards, working within robust clinical disciplines.
  • Integration: At Hope in Health, your care encompasses mind, body and spirit alike, recognising that a holistic methodology is crucial to genuine healing.
  • Sustainability: With industry-leading transitional support and individualised treatments, we’re committed to equipping you for the long term.
If you’re in need of grounded and sustainable rehabilitation, we’re ready to support you in every part of your recovery.


Hope in Health recognises the significance of aiding employees, who have sustained psychological or physical injuries, in returning to work and living a fulfilling and productive life. By combining extensive industry expertise, expert training, and innovative problem solving, our consultants aid employees in overcoming a variety of obstacles that impede their transition back to work with a personalised, results-oriented and proactive approach.

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