Returning to Work

Overview of our RTW Programs

We’re here to provide integral support for employers and HR representatives, equipping them with human-centred programs across every stage of a Return to Work (RTW) journey. Our RTW Programs include:
  • RTW coordinators who act as representatives for organisations, managing communication and involvement of all external service providers and relevant stakeholders
  • Seamless collaboration with internal departments, including HR and payroll
  • Successful implementation of commercially viable strategies that are focused on mutually beneficial RTW outcomes
Our comprehensive, care-filled RTW services can result in significant time and energy savings for internal teams, as well as ensuring employers are in full compliance with relevant regulatory standards.
Hope in Health Mental Health
Hope in Health Mental Health

Preparing for the Transition Back to Work

Hope in Health’s comprehensive RTW Programs create strategic pathways forward for employees and employers alike. Each stage of the transition back to work is carefully managed, with an expert team of clinical practitioners providing integral therapeutic support to safely and effectively achieve a successful transition.

Our rehabilitation case manager will organise rehabilitation assessments that utilise our multidisciplinary team, encompassing physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation outcomes throughout each tailor-made program.

Reintegrating into the Workplace

Returning to work after an absence related to injury, illness or addiction can be daunting. By providing structured approaches to workplace reintegration, our RTW Programs build necessary bridges for employees to transition back into the workplace successfully.

Our close collaboration with employers, HR managers and relevant stakeholders is the foundation of our effective transition frameworks. By keeping the employee’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing at the forefront, we can achieve smooth reintegration with employees who know they’re fully supported at every step.

Hope in Health Mental Health
Hope in Health Mental Health

The Importance of Continued Support

At Hope in Health, the journey to recovery doesn’t end at the point when an employee returns to work.

Our RTW Programs foster ongoing healing and recovery for every individual through access to ongoing support. Our team provides continuous monitoring and evaluation, extending our commitment to delivering the support your employee needs as they adjust to life back in the workplace.

By prioritising your employee’s holistic wellbeing, we can deliver transitional pathways that meet both the needs of the organisation and the sustainable rehabilitation of the individual.

Steps to Take Before Returning to Work

Our RTW Programs are customised for each individual, identifying the necessary rehabilitation steps before they’re able to safely and effectively return to work. These may include:
  • The appointment of a rehabilitation case manager within the Hope in Health clinical team, providing ongoing and continuous care across our integrated treatment approach
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation assessments, identifying the unique needs of each employee
  • The development and implementation of a tailor-made rehabilitation program.
  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of this program to meet the individual’s needs as effectively as possible
  • Close collaboration with the employer in the provision of suitable employment and duties
  • Ongoing monitoring and support through the return to work process
Hope in Health Mental Health

Mental and Physical Preparation

We provide comprehensive therapeutic treatments for mental and physical injuries alike. Each RTW Program draws on the best of our multidisciplinary team’s expertise, delivering integrated therapies within a holistic rehabilitation experience.

Whether your employee requires mental health treatments, physical rehabilitation or a combination, we’re able to provide access to specific treatment modalities tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

With care-filled support that meets the highest quality of clinical standards, we create smooth transitions back to work for employees and employers alike. Our practitioners effectively navigate the many considerations necessary to achieve smooth transitions.

By resourcing both the individual returning to work and the relevant company stakeholders with the tools and insights they need, we can deliver positive, effective transitions within a framework of ongoing support.

Navigating New Challenges

If your employee is returning to work after a physical or mental injury or illness, there may be new challenges to navigate. Adjustments to individual duties may be required due to reduced or altered capacities, and ‘business as usual’ may not be a realistic outcome for either party.

We simplify the process of evaluating employee responsibilities upon their return to work. Through careful collaboration with employers and HR representatives, as well as the evidence-based input of our clinical practitioners, we ensure a healthy, thriving workplace environment that fulfils the organisation’s needs while providing ample and appropriate employee support.

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance

As an employee prepares for the transition back to work, we support them in developing a healthy and sustainable work-life balance.

This can be particularly important for employees who have suffered from a psychological injury or incident. By identifying individual risks, we work with each employee to build a thorough and proactive framework for their return to work.

Our ongoing support can make all the difference with sustainable employment and any lack of genuine, ongoing employee engagement. With RTW Programs including a wide range of appropriate therapeutic treatments, employees are empowered to take control of their continued health and wellbeing across their professional and personal commitments.

Staying Connected with Your RTW Program

The friendly, robust support of the Hope in Health team doesn’t end when an employee returns to the workplace. We know just how important it is for employees to remain connected to their individual RTW Program, using this connection as a way to support continued success within their workplace transition.

Regular check-ins, ongoing communication and access to our multidisciplinary clinical practitioners provide ample support for employees. Employees are equipped to navigate ongoing adaptation and fresh challenges within a safe, supported environment by staying connected via their RTW Program.

More Information on Return to Work

Find the warm, welcoming support of our expert team through our RTW Programs. We’ll equip you to fulfil your regulatory obligations as you provide your employee with the highest quality of transitional support.


Hope in Health recognises the significance of aiding employees, who have sustained psychological or physical injuries, in returning to work and living a fulfilling and productive life. By combining extensive industry expertise, expert training, and innovative problem solving, our consultants aid employees in overcoming a variety of obstacles that impede their transition back to work with a personalised, results-oriented and proactive approach.

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