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Rehabilitation Programs

You’re at the centre of your rehabilitation experience.

Our approach to rehabilitation is as unique as each individual. With the power of your program remaining in your hands, we work alongside you to design the program you need, not the program someone else needs. While other rehabilitation programs may say they’re holistic, few truly are. At Hope in Health, we treat the whole person, drawing on multidisciplinary clinical practices to deliver the highest degree of customised care and support. Our highly experienced integrated team of clinicians treat an intimate group of clients simultaneously; meaning, nobody slips through the cracks. By combining the very best of holistic and integrated rehabilitation treatment practices, we invite you to experience the help you deserve. Find life-changing treatment for alcohol and substance addiction in your custom-designed rehabilitation program.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

An addiction to alcohol doesn’t need to define your future. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive support and tailored clinical practices that help our clients achieve lasting freedom from their addiction. By drawing on a wide range of treatments and clinical practices, our holistic framework equips you by identifying the root of your alcohol addiction and treating the underlying cause rather than the symptom.

Illicit Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

We’re intimately familiar with how raw you’re likely to feel as you come off an illicit drug addiction. That’s why every element of our illicit drug addiction rehabilitation framework focuses on genuine outcomes achieved within a beautiful, safe environment. The work you’ll do with our team is deep. We’ll provide committed, life-changing clinical and holistic support as you move through this process. Whether you’re at the beginning of this addiction or years into substance reliance, we’re ready to fight for you.

Prescription Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

A rise in self-medication via prescription drugs means many people are now battling addictions. We remove shame from the equation of prescription drug addiction rehabilitation. By equipping our clients to learn about the impact of unresolved and untreated trauma, our rehabilitation treatments focus on building life-giving tools that lead to genuine healing.

Detoxing from Multiple AOD

Our team of multidisciplinary clinicians provide the support necessary for detoxing from multiple alcohol and other drug (AOD) addictions. With Hope in Health providing Detox and Withdrawal Programs, you can begin your recovery with our committed team’s warm, welcoming support from day one.
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What We Offer

You won’t find a standard rehab approach here: no 12 to 40 or more people at any given time, nor standardised rehabilitation programs with too much space to hide and a lack of strategic peer support. Instead, we’ve drawn on decades of first-hand experience, proven client success stories and a deep commitment to genuine rehabilitation. Hope in Health meets the highest of clinical standards across every form of our integrated, holistic care. That means every client is carefully assessed from our first point of contact, with treatment pathways designed via partnership and control over your experience remaining with you. In Australia, only a small portion of rehabilitation centres are genuinely individualised. Most clients will enter an established program, go through the motions, and leave. In contrast, we undertake a thorough discovery process every time we speak with a potential Hope in Health client. Our full, multidisciplinary team is involved in this developmental work, bringing genuine integration into each customised rehabilitation experience. You’ll be astounded by what is possible when you remain at the centre of your rehabilitation story.

How we can help support your recovery

At Hope in Health, you’ll find a team that is deeply committed to your ongoing recovery. Our integrated therapeutic care provides comprehensive support as you develop the building blocks for your long-term sobriety and rehabilitation. With a small peer base taking part in our in-person rehabilitation experiences at one time, your rehabilitation will benefit from grounded, genuine peer support, holistic multidisciplinary care and the resources necessary for genuine transformation. This is the place to rest in your recovery. We’re here for you at every step.

What makes us different

Hope in Health is born out of a desire for genuine change. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of individuals who have seen the risks of subpar rehabilitation offerings that treat the symptoms and not the roots. In designing our safe, supportive and evidence-based rehabilitation pathways, we’re focused on offering individuals the opportunity to see their lives changed for good. In our healing, homely environment, every aspect of your care and treatment is shaped to meet you where you are as we journey towards healing together. At Hope in Health, empathy and clinical excellence work together as we hold space for your rehabilitation journey.

Where do our rehabilitation programs take place?

Hope in Health’s beautifully designed rehabilitation centre calls Pottsville, NSW home. Our purpose-built home offers a discreet, warm and welcoming environment for you to discover peace and regulation within. With the backdrop of the Northern Rivers, we provide a loving, safe and secure place for you to call home.

Not sure which program?

If you’re unsure about which treatment pathway is the right one for you, our welcoming team can support you in evaluating the best course forward. From your first point of contact with our team, we’ll draw on the clinical expertise of our multidisciplinary practitioners to assess which therapeutic treatment modalities might be best suited to your individual needs and circumstances. Your program is designed in direct coordination with you, giving you full control over your rehabilitation experience in our custom-designed treatment environments.

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