What is transitional Accommodation?

For our clients needing more extensive transitional care after their residential rehabilitation experience, our transitional housing services provide integrated support for your physical, mental and emotional needs. Our transitional housing capacities enable the continuous delivery of a personalised treatment plan, assistance in securing employment, a long-term living solution, and relevant vocational support. In this safe, supportive environment, you’ll experience an extension of your rehabilitation program, building more space for your ongoing healing and recovery. With your needs comprehensively met, you’ll find a welcoming home as you move into the next phase of your rehabilitation journey.

Transitional Accommodation Timeline

As with each of our rehabilitation treatment approaches, we recognise that no two stories are alike. That’s why the length of stay in our transitioning house is dependent on your individual needs and circumstances. We work with you to create a customised transitional housing plan that defines your goals, objectives and ensures robust clinical care is continuously available. For many of our clients, this transitional housing service is an opportunity to apply the skills and tools they’ve developed during their rehabilitation program in a real-world environment, with our care-filled, integrated support backing their every move. If you require ongoing support after your residential rehabilitation program, our transitional housing capacities can provide a transformational opportunity of continuing recovery.

Why does transitional Accommodation exist?

While some of our clients can return to their homes and communities once their residential rehabilitation ends, this isn’t the case for everyone. Our transitional housing service fills an aching gap in rehabilitative care, providing an all-encompassing support pathway for individuals in need of a more robust form of ongoing transitional care. You’ll never have to go it alone when you experience the Hope in Health difference. If you’re not yet ready or are unable to return to your everyday environment, our transitional housing provides a safe space for your ongoing recovery work. With treatment plans that mirror your residential rehabilitation programs, you’ll find an iterative approach to your long-term healing.
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Transitional housing programs are tailored to your individual needs, with pricing dependent on your unique requirements. We’ll work with you directly to build a tailored transitional housing plan that’s transparent and effective. We can also provide integral support in working with insurance providers, helping you access relevant financial assistance.

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