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In the same way veterans face unique challenges when it comes to genuine recovery from trauma and injury, we take a unique approach to our Veteran Rehabilitation services. At Hope in Health, you’ll find comprehensive programs that remain in your control. These may include PTSD rehabilitation, substance addiction rehabilitation, trauma recovery or the development of healthy, sustainable lifestyles. We build customised programs in coordination with each of our veteran clients, shaping an experience designed for their individual needs and experiences. With a rich diversity of multidisciplinary experts and therapeutic practices, we provide full support across mental, physical and emotional rehabilitation alike.

What is Veteran Rehabilitation?

Veteran Rehabilitation is a specialised approach to rehabilitative care designed to provide veterans with the quality of care, compassion and evidence-based support they need for genuine recovery. Clinical integrity guides every aspect of our veteran-specific care, providing personalised treatments within robust industry frameworks. We take a holistic approach at Hope in Health. We focus on your rehabilitation experience as a whole person, encompassing both your active service and your civilian life experiences. By building these personalised treatment plans in accordance with your individual goals, needs and desired outcomes, we deliver grounded, accessible care firmly rooted in the highest quality of clinical outcomes.

Veteran Support Rehabilitation Services

Our Veteran Support Rehabilitation Services are designed to support veterans who may be experiencing any range of challenges related to their military service. You won’t find a plug-and-play model here regarding your rehabilitation needs. Our services are as customised as necessary to achieve lasting transformation, with our clinical team ensuring the highest standard of industry care within a personalised experience. With care that encompasses mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression, substance abuse treatment or trauma-related healing, our focus is on serving you in every step of your recovery.

Who do we help?

We work with veterans of all ages and backgrounds who need physical, mental or emotional rehabilitation. Whether your unique circumstances include untreated PTSD, substance reliance, transitional issues or more, we bring rich, informed treatment pathways to the journey ahead. With our rehabilitation work taking place in a quiet, intimate environment, veterans can feel safe, at home and supported amid the rehabilitative process. You are not a number here. Your unique experience, background and needs inform every element of our evidence-based care.

The Stats

The need for comprehensive and genuine Veteran Rehabilitation support is urgent. A 2019 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report highlighted just how urgent the need is for transformative and effective veteran rehabilitative pathways. With ex-serving men at risk of a suicide rate 18% higher than non-serving Australian men, and ex-serving women at twice the risk of civilian women, our veterans deserve the highest quality of physical, mental and emotional support as they navigate life after service. At Hope in Health, we focus on changing these statistics. Providing the highest quality of clinically-informed, integrated care to our veterans can reduce these risks, one individual at a time.

Our Approach to Veteran Recovery

When you need rehabilitative support, certainty about the path ahead is paramount. Our treatment methodologies combine the very best of clinical practices with a holistic approach that’s proven its value in transformative outcomes. By taking a holistic, personalised approach, our veteran rehabilitation treatments remain firmly grounded in the needs of the individual. By streamlining the process of navigating layered support frameworks, we remove the guesswork from your rehabilitation process. Our clinical practitioners work holistically to guide you through the support structures available to Australian veterans, providing expert solutions within coordinated program management outcomes. With Hope in Health’s team, you’ll find one-on-one transformative support across every stage of your DVA journey.

What happens during Veteran Rehabilitation Treatment?

You’ll receive personalised care tailored to your unique needs during your Veteran Rehabilitation Treatment at Hope In Health. Find peace and regulation at our custom-designed beautiful home in Pottsville, NSW. While here, you’ll be part of a small group of clients, creating an intimate and attuned experience across peers and practitioners alike. Our clinical team will work with you from your first assessment to co-develop a treatment plan shaped for your needs. This may include mental health treatments, substance abuse rehabilitation support, physical therapy, alternative therapies, trauma education and other assistance that can provide sustainable recovery pathways. Our care extends beyond the end of your in-person rehabilitation experience. You’ll find welcome, support and clinical care available at every step of your continued rehabilitation journey, providing firm foundations as you build meaningful connections with your family and friends.

How to apply?

We welcome enquiries from all veterans seeking transformative support across physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. To learn more about our Veteran Rehabilitation, reach out to our team. We’ll begin an integrated assessment process, equipping you with tools, resources and insights at every stage of your application.

Signs you might need support

If you’re a veteran experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may find integral support for healing with our Veteran Rehabilitation programs:
  • Nightmares or flashbacks to traumatic experiences
  • Problems falling asleep or staying asleep
  • A lack of appetite
  • Anger, irritability, or mood swings
  • Substance abuse, dependence or addiction
  • Chronic pain or physical health problems
  • Challenges adjusting to civilian life after your military service
No matter how much disruption these issues have caused, we’re ready to support you in your healing and rehabilitation.

Life after DVA Support

Your Veteran Rehabilitation program is designed to help you achieve lasting recovery, enabling a high quality of life defined by meaning, connection and purpose. Our transitionary services can provide vital clinical support as you transition from our rehabilitation community into your everyday environment. On the other side of rehabilitation treatments, you may discover a joy and freedom you never thought was possible. For many of our clients, the transformation is greater than anything they’d hoped for, and it’s sustainable.

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Don’t hesitate to find the support you deserve with Hope in Health. We provide the highest level of clinical care and can assist with every stage of DVA access. Our team is here to equip you with integrated, holistic therapeutic treatments that can lead to lasting recovery. Contact us today to learn more.

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