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What is Return to Work Rehabilitation?

We provide robust solutions for companies and individuals across all sectors, overcoming the challenge of mental or physical workplace injuries or addiction-related work disruptions.
Our holistic, integrated rehabilitation processes extend to Return to Work (RTW) Rehabilitation, supporting employees whose ability to work has been impacted by addiction, injury or illness in their return to productive and safe employment. Through streamlining the delivery of RTW Rehabilitation programs, we also fulfil employer obligations to the health and well-being of their employees, reducing the risk of improper or illegal employee engagement. Our tailored return-to-work plans provide unique support in this transition, equipping both workers and employers with the physical and mental rehabilitation, skills, insights and implementations they need for ongoing holistic integration.
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We understand the challenges facing corporate leadership and HR teams in returning rehabilitated employees to work safely and effectively.
That’s why our RTW Rehabilitation is customised to each worker’s individual needs and capacities, resulting in comprehensive strategic plans that outline the journey to pre-injury/illness or pre-addiction duties. With extensive input and management from clinical practitioners and programs designed to meet the highest Australian clinical and regulatory standards, we support management and HR teams in fulfilling their duty of care while strategically positioning their teams for ongoing success.


Hope in Health’s RTW Rehabilitation program provides comprehensive solutions for the unique challenges facing employers and employees in the mining industry.
With employees often requiring ongoing health monitoring and additional safety measures within a return-to-work protocol, we develop individualised plans to meet expert medical guidelines within a best-practice, evidence-based framework for a safe return. With an integrated team of multidisciplinary expert practitioners, we build robust frameworks that address physical, emotional and psychosocial factors impacting a mining employee’s return to work.
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As construction leaders and HR personnel face extensive considerations in a return-to-work program, we bring tailored and discreet support to teams and individuals alike.
Our custom-designed return-to-work plan considers the unique demands and risks that can complicate an employee’s return within construction environments. By working with relevant stakeholders, we develop, implement and maintain strategic return-to-work plans, ensuring your employee’s ongoing recovery amid the fulfilment of their professional duties.


There’s no shortage of time pressure in hospitality workplaces.
That’s why our return-to-work plans support employees and employers alike through a customised, holistic approach to the needs of each individual. Our clinical practitioners work together to build comprehensive frameworks that support the complex process of returning to work in a high-pressure hospitality environment. By strategically supporting the employee’s physical, mental and emotional needs, we can bridge the gap between recovery and a return to regular duties in the workplace.
Hope in Health Mental Health
Hope in Health Mental Health

Why is our RTW Rehabilitation program so important?

The development, implementation and ongoing monitoring of an RTW Rehabilitation program is crucial for successfully transitioning an impacted employee back into the workplace.
HR professionals and team leaders alike can often find themselves in uncharted territory when navigating an employee’s return to work. Whether their working capacity has been disrupted due to illness, injury or addiction, our RTW Rehabilitation programs provide unique, comprehensive and integrated solutions via tailored return-to-work plans. We intimately consider the individual’s particular needs, providing ongoing monitoring and support to ensure the best possible outcome for employees and organisations.

Our Approach to RTW

Hope in Health takes a client-centred approach to RTW Rehabilitation as with every aspect of our care. Our customised rehabilitation plans draw on the expertise and experience of our clinical practitioners, resulting in a holistic, integrated pathway towards a successful and sustainable transition.
Through extensive collaboration with our healthcare professionals, employers and relevant stakeholders, we provide comprehensive support that addresses every aspect of an individual’s return-to-work rehabilitation process. By prioritising the well-being of the individual, we can safely and sustainably build transitional pathways that intrinsically take into account the needs of the workplace through individual success.
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The Stats

In Safe Work Australia’s “Return to work in psychological injury claims” report, only 27% of Australian employees interviewed with a psychological claim agreed that their employer did what they could to support them, and only 34% agreed that their employer had made an effort to find suitable employment for them following a psychological claim.

Even more concerningly, only 23% of employees agreed that their employer helped them with their recovery.

Our RTW Rehabilitation programs are designed in accordance with national regulatory requirements, including Safe Work Australia and workplace health and safety legislation. We remove the employer risk of insufficient return-to-work management and care, providing comprehensive pathways across physical and psychological injuries and incidents alike.

Ongoing Recovery

We’re committed to the ongoing recovery of your employee. By ensuring that our clients receive the support they need for continued success and integration beyond their initial rehabilitation, we’re able to guarantee genuine effectiveness across each of our tailored return-to-work programs and plans.

Experience the difference of compassionate, committed care with our clinical practitioners. Our holistic approach to ongoing rehabilitation guarantees not only the wellbeing of your employee, but also the successful ongoing integration of your team.


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