Relapse Prevention

Sustained Success through Relapse Prevention

Our Approach to Long-Term Rehabilitation

If you’re concerned about leaving a rehabilitation facility and relapsing, our approach to relapse prevention is for you.

We don’t believe that rehabilitation is a one-time experience. At Hope in Health, we recognise that rehabilitation is a continuing practice our clients will use over each season that follows. Every element of our tailor-made rehabilitation programs positively supports relapse prevention.

By developing resources, tools and personalised support, we equip each of our clients with the framework they need to maintain ongoing sobriety. Our dedicated transitional services also provide comprehensive support as you move away from our residential rehabilitation home. This support framework gives you the tools and monitoring you need to stay on track, as well as protection and guidance in the face of relapse challenges.

Experience the difference with an integrated, holistic approach to rehabilitation that leads to sustainable change.

Genuine Transformative Processes

One of the reasons we’re so focused on removing shame from the rehabilitation process is because of the barrier it forms to genuine healing.

Addiction often begins when an individual seeks a coping mechanism to help them navigate pain, challenge, stress or overwhelming circumstances. We take an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, understanding that these experiences can point to unresolved traumas that cause the root problem. By addressing the root, not the symptom, we can deliver transformative rehabilitative programs unique to each of our client’s needs.

Our integrated approach to rehabilitation delivers holistic, transformative experiences that set our clients up for ongoing sobriety in their everyday worlds. With continued support, you’ll never be on your own.

Customised Rehabilitation Programs

Other rehabilitation facilities may have dozens of clients simultaneously, treating individual problems within a homogenised form of treatment.

On the other hand, Hope in Health doesn’t offer any kind of ‘blanket’ program. Your needs inform our treatment processes, and your program is designed in partnership with you.

This firm commitment to individualised therapeutic pathways results in the development of tools and strategies that can contribute to sustained success. You can build a strong foundation for your ongoing rehabilitation journey when equipped with the support and treatments you need for your experiences, not those relevant to someone else.

Personalised, Strategic Support

The Hope in Health team is defined by excellence in clinical practice and commitment to transformative outcomes. We’re fuelled by our desire to contribute to genuine change, working alongside each of our clients within intimate, care-filled environments to provide integral rehabilitative support.

Our multidisciplinary practitioners work within the highest of clinical and regulatory frameworks to deliver expert care. We take a personalised and strategic position with each of our clients, becoming their greatest champions as they move through their rehabilitation. With this support extending into the long-term future of our clients, we keep relapse prevention front and centre in every element of our holistic treatment approach.

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