Transitional Care

What help is available?

Comprehensive rehabilitative care doesn’t end after completing your residential rehabilitation experience. Our transitional care options allow for flexibility and customisation across every step of your transition back home, providing strategic support that enables the ongoing sustainability of your rehabilitation.

Alongside our transitional support services (available to all of our clients), we offer deeper levels of transitional care through custom-designed treatment plans that can mirror your previous rehabilitation journey.

How does it work?

Hope in Health’s transitional care pathways provides consolidated, holistic care to clients transitioning from residential rehabilitation to your home environment.

By shaping customised therapeutic packages based on your individual needs, you’ll benefit from intuitive access to integrated clinical treatments that define your rehabilitation program.

We’ll work with you to design a transitional care approach that incorporates both core therapeutic and adjunctive treatments. Whether you need ongoing psychological therapy, personalised physical rehabilitation, yoga or breathwork sessions or another form of evidence-based treatment, our team provides a comprehensive and intuitive approach to customised transitional care support.

Your transitional care program may include:

  • Personalised treatment plans relevant to your individual needs
  • Assistance with practical needs such as housing, employment and access to education opportunities
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Mental health therapy
  • Physical health support
  • Assistance with financial and legal matters

Where is the care provided?

Our transitional care programs support you in your home environment, building an effective bridge between your residential rehabilitation stay and your everyday reality. With a robust network of expert clinical practitioners, our transitional care network is heavily vetted to ensure each provider meets our compassionate, evidence-based application standards.

Hope in Health provides integrated support coordination that removes service management, giving you more space and flexibility to focus on your transitional recovery.

How long is the program?

As with our rehabilitation programs, you remain in control of your transitional care treatments. Our flexible approach ensures you receive the integrated support and therapeutic care that’s of the most significant benefit in each moment of your transition out of residential rehabilitation.

Whether you require long-term transitional care or therapeutic coordination for a short period, we’re here to support you as you build the tools of your ongoing recovery.


At Hope in Health, personalised care is at the heart of sustainable rehabilitation. With programs tailored to the needs of each individual, pricing is dependent on your unique personal care requirements. Our team works directly with each client to build a tailored treatment plan that’s comprehensive, sustainable and within budget.

We can also support you in working with insurance providers to help you access relevant financial assistance.

Am I eligible?

Our door is open to individuals seeking the highest quality of personalised, integrated rehabilitation and transitional care. To learn more about the steps involved in receiving that support, connect with our team.

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