Family and Loved Ones Support

Holistic Support for You and Your Loved One

Helping Family Members Navigate Rehabilitation

There are two things we believe at Hope in Health that make all the difference in our treatments: rehabilitation is a process, and it’s undertaken not just by our clients but also by their families and loved ones. We provide comprehensive, care-filled support not only to our direct clients but also to their families. Our multidisciplinary team of clinical practitioners recognises that the ecosystem necessary for ongoing rehabilitation success takes a holistic approach to healing. Incorporating care for families and loved ones throughout rehabilitation looks like:
  • Opening up lines of communication and beginning necessary dialogues
  • Developing essential tools and resources
  • Ensuring family members are supported through each stage of the rehabilitation journey
  • Removing shame and judgment for all parties
Find comfort, insight and support as you champion your loved one in their rehabilitation journey.
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How We Support Families During Rehabilitation

We offer a range of family support services throughout our clients’ rehabilitation experiences that support family members and loved ones. Our holistic therapeutic services include access to counselling and therapy, equipping families and loved ones with the support they need in facing the challenges of ongoing rehabilitation. We’ll also provide regular updates on individual progress, treatment plans and open communication across questions or concerns that arise in the treatment process. While the privacy of our clients is always protected, we work in close collaboration between our clients and their support communities to ensure open dialogues and ongoing opportunities for mutually beneficial treatment experiences.

Peace of Mind and Accessibility

Being the family member of an individual navigating rehabilitation can bring all kinds of challenges and complexities. We work hard to resolve and heal these complexities, prioritising peace of mind for support communities and accessibility to the tools and resources that can make all the difference. Find approachable, non-judgmental support with our expert team of clinical practitioners. Our integrated and holistic model of rehabilitative care is invitational for our clients and their families alike, creating opportunities for ongoing learning and strategic development.

A Comfortable, Supportive Environment

We’re committed to delivering a comfortable, welcoming and peaceful environment for our clients and their families. With our beautiful residential rehabilitation facility creating a homely experience, you’ll rest easy knowing your loved one is navigating rehabilitation in the most welcoming, safe and respectful of environments. Spend some time with any of our clinical practitioners, and you’ll find even more peace of mind. Our team members come to work each day with a genuine desire to achieve life-changing outcomes. You’ll experience the difference in knowing your loved one is in the best of care.

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