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At Hope In Health, your recovery journey doesn’t end when you leave our home with our no-cost transitional support guarantee. We provide intuitive continued support that helps our clients to develop sustained habits as they transition back to everyday environments, friends and communities. By providing continued accessibility and monitoring, we bridge the gap between focused and contained rehabilitation experiences and real-world applications. Find the compassionate clinical support necessary to build your application of developed skills and tools with our transitional processes.


Transitional support is an integral part of our sustainable approach to long-term rehabilitation. A critical component of the rehabilitation process, transitional support sees attention and support provided as you apply your rehabilitation learnings within a real-world context. In transitional support, our guidance can assist as theories become practices. We’re in your corner as you apply your learned recovery skills in your everyday environments, with regular check-ins facilitating ongoing touch-points that can identify emerging challenges and applicable tools to overcome them.

Our Transitional Support Programs

Our transitional support is available to each client as they move from our Pottsville home, either returning home or moving into a new residence. We provide continuous care and consistent monitoring for three months following your in-person rehabilitation program. As a foundational aspect of our rehabilitation approach, transitional support is designed to provide a gentle, supported return to your home environment. Whether you’re implementing ongoing physical rehabilitation measures, practicing new responses to old trauma-related triggers, navigating complex interpersonal relationships or securing new employment, our team provides the same quality of compassionate care that defines our rehabilitation experiences.
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Our transitional support works as a personalised bridge for your transition. Our ongoing support and guidance can provide great assistance as you maintain the progress made throughout your program. This transitional support, while non-interventional, can provide guidance across sustainable resource and community development, access to specific healthcare providers, and the monitoring of your progress as you build healthy and sustainable habits. By providing individualised, holistic support tailored to your unique transitory needs, we enable the continued development of the skills you’ve made during treatment. We’re here for the long term.

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