Head Chef & Nutrition Coach

For more than 20 years, Andrei Sousa has forged a career revolving around food. He’s worked in busy kitchens and cooked for countless people. But it’s at Hope in Health that he’s found true meaning in his work.

“Food is all about comfort,” he explains. “My work here has a purpose. It’s totally different from dockets and tables in a restaurant. I’m cooking for people that need care and healing and I provide them with nutritious food that will support their treatment. I have a person to look after and I see them getting better every day.”

Day-to-day, Andrei’s role involves preparing the weekly menu, ordering the food and preparing the meals. But he also runs classes for the guests to get hands-on with cooking simple and nutritious recipes. Andrei caters the classes to the ability and interests of the guests, conscious that some have very minimal knowledge of ingredients and meal preparation.

“When the guests see the type of food I prepare, they want to know more,” he proudly shares. “These classes are about giving them the confidence, courage, strength and skills to prepare nutritious meals for themselves when they leave Hope in Health and return to their lives.”

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