Clinical Manager

After more than 35 years in nursing, Bec brings a wealth of experience to her role managing clinical governance at Hope in Health. She has worked in mental health nursing, nursing education and advisory roles in a range of clinical settings. She also has more than a decade of experience working with Veterans in therapy. When the opportunity came up to move to Hope in Health, Bec jumped at the opportunity.

“I could immediately see that there was a commitment to the guests that underpinned the whole program and approach here,” she explains.

“My role involves understanding the systems that we work within and how that translates into policy, procedure and, ultimately, care.”

Day-to-day, Bec’s role involves assessing guests and managing the logistics around admissions. As one of the first members of the Hope in Health team they interact with, Bec says she feels privileged to watch each guest’s progression through the program.

“It’s rewarding to see guests engaging with the program and to see what they’re gaining from that process,” she says.

“For people who fully immerse themselves in that kind of change work, it can be a really profound experience. They can leave their past behaviours and limitations behind and step forward in a very grounded way into new ways of engaging with the world.”

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