Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse for more than 50 years, Cecily Johnson brings a wealth of experience to Hope in Health. In the 1970s she began a career as a prison nurse, working in prisons and juvenile detention centres across Australia. After working with addiction in this setting, she studied AOD (alcohol and other drugs) nursing and went on to teach the subject at universities and TAFEs.

Cecily’s approach is caring yet direct, earning respect among the guests for her propensity to “tell it like it is.” She loves her job and enjoys being part of a collaborative team.

“As soon as you walk into the Hope in Health house, you feel this healing energy,” she says.

“There’s absolute respect across the team for the role we each play because we know that recovery takes a team.”

It’s watching each guest’s individual journey – from malnourished and in a bad state to on the road to recovery – that inspires Cecily.

The guests start to eat nutritious meals here, sitting down to enjoy the food,” she explains.

“They learn how to cook for themselves and they go through the therapy sessions. They learn the power of gratitude. It's so rewarding to see their progress week by week.”

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