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“Every day, I get to watch people turning their lives around from disastrous circumstances to seeing results happen before my eyes.”

Damien’s career has seen him work in a range of medical settings, from large hospital emergency departments to remote Indigenous communities. One thing that has remained consistent throughout his career is his interest in lifestyle medicine and equipping people with tools they can access to manage their health.

“Lifestyle management is so incredibly powerful,” he explains.

“Particularly in a rehabilitation setting where this type of intervention makes such a big difference not just during treatment but in ongoing recovery.”

With Damien’s diverse experience, what drew him to Hope in Health was the personalised treatment approach. Every client receives an individualised plan that considers all aspects of their history and experience.

“The approach at Hope in Health is so unique,” he says.

“Veterans and people with addiction are often treated from a purely pharmacological perspective. But when they can have those types of interventions alongside meditation, mindfulness, yoga and more, they see better results."

“Each one of our clients has so much potential. When we can point them in the right direction, they can achieve incredible things, not just in their recovery.”

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