Senior Carer

“My role is to be an anchor and a grounding, safe connection for the clients.”

Daniel brings a wealth of clinical and care experience to his role at Hope in Health. A trained naturopath and kinesiologist with a clinical science degree, he has also studied Western herbal medicine and worked in intensive therapeutic care.

Daniel was drawn to Hope in Health because he could see the impact he could make to support people at an incredibly vulnerable point in their lives.

“In a lot of ways, I maintain space for the clients,” he explains.

“It’s so rewarding to see people metaphorically grow wings and fly, empowered to have greater control over their own lives. I love to witness that process and I love to be part of their journeys.”meals for themselves when they leave Hope in Health and return to their lives.”

A consistent theme throughout his career has been his commitment to community and making a difference. 

"I’m not driven by money,” he says.

“I never have been drawn to working for money. I have to be doing something that is doing good and contributing to something that is greater than my own self. I love to work in roles that help the community and I get to do that here at Hope in Health alongside a crew of really good people."

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