Registered Nurse

At one stage in her registered nursing career, Danielle was working with a GP who was also a Naturopath. Through this Doctor, she learned about NAD+ infusions which are used in the treatment of addiction to help with cravings and withdrawal. After supporting a family member through addiction, Danielle could see the benefits of this therapy.

“I’ve been in the situation of trying to find help for someone who desperately needs it,” she explains.

“When you can’t find that help, it’s heartbreaking. If you don’t fit into a box and a set protocol, it’s hard to find treatment. It’s disheartening as an addict and for their family because they feel like they’re coming up against brick walls all the time.”

Danielle visits Hope in Health weekly to deliver the NAD+ infusions, as well as vitamin infusions, tailored to each guest’s recovery needs. She is proud to offer this alongside the holistic modalities at Hope in Health, knowing that it’s this personalised and holistic approach that gets the best outcomes for the guests.

“For me, it’s feeling like I’m doing something to help,” she says.

“It’s helping them find their feet and giving them tools to fall back on when they return to life.”

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