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Over more than 25 years in the mental health sector, Jake Majerovic has worked for many of Australia’s leading mental health NGOs. Combined with his corporate experience leading agile transformations, Jake brings a well-rounded depth of experience to his role as Strategy Director at Hope in Health.

“I’ve worked in some of Australia’s biggest organisations, a highlight of which was leading the response team at CBA following the Banking Royal Commission,” he recalls.

“But my passion is making a difference with a social impact. I believe in doing what’s right, even if it’s the path less taken and strive to fix what’s broken, particularly when it comes to cutting through bureaucratic red tape. What we’re doing at Hope in Health is disruption with a purpose, driving a bold idea with a pragmatic outcome.”

Jake’s approach to his work is data-driven and evidence-based. He brings a unique understanding of start-ups and balances environmental and social concerns with commercial outcomes. Most of all, Jake is focused on ensuring a positive impact for Hope in Health’s guests.

“As a team, we’re deeply committed to personalised care and holistic health for veterans and first responders,” he explains.

“We tailor every initiative so it’s unique to the business and meaningful to the guests.”

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