Why did Hope In Health design a rehabilitation program format specifically targeted to veteran needs? Because we get you.



As the healthy option for veteran rehabilitation, Hope In Health’s Veterans Recovery Program has been specifically designed to support the unique mental and physical recovery needs of veterans and their ecosystem of loved ones and mates.

We understand that many veterans cope everyday with physical injuries sustained from service duties. After supporting many veterans through their personal rehabilitation journey, the Hope In Health team realised the natural relationship between physical pain and mental health, and ultimately a wholesome wellbeing.

Physical pain can often bring vulnerabilities in mental health processes and triggers, with the need to cope and the desire to connect being daily challenges. It therefore made sense to design a program format that uniquely balances both mental health and physical health needs for a truly integrated rehabilitation experience and sustained recovery.

Not only do we provide physical activities and exercises that are tailored to veterans unique needs and requirements, but our complete physical rehabilitation treatment programs address underlying physical injuries and ailments that can often compromise, limit or even stunt mental health recovery. By balancing mental and physical rehabilitation treatments in one single program, veterans are holistically supported towards sustained recovery outcomes.

At Hope In Health, we’ve got your back.

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At our innovative rehabilitation facility in northern NSW, we’ve brought together a multidisciplinary team of veteran-specialised health professionals, wellness facilitators, therapists and industry-leading practitioners from across the PTSD, mental health and addiction space. Throughout your treatment journey, you will benefit from a calculated intertwining of conventional and holistic care in a way dictated by your own responses, progress and desires.

Within Hope in Health’s invigorating space, feel motivated and supported to explore the roots of your trauma or addiction, isolate your triggers and recognise their influence on your behaviours. You’ll build upon your findings to set foundational emotional management and lifestyle strategies that will translate to your healing at home and boost your capacity to transition into a rewarding life post-combat. At every stage, draw from the power of nutrition, mindfulness, nature and exercise to develop fresh perspectives, habits and approaches to mental and physical nourishment.

SIGNS TO Reach Out

  • You suffer from intrusive memories relaying traumatic incidents as flashbacks or nightmares
  • You experience severe emotional or physical reactions when reminded of traumatic events and avoid their associated places, activities and people
  • You feel numbness, intense sadness, detachment and hopelessness post-combat
  • You are easily frightened or are always on guard following a traumatic incident
  • You are looking to self-destructive behaviour such as drinking or drug use to escape from traumatic events
  • You regularly feel irritated or have angry outbursts You struggle to connect with the hobbies, passions or communities of your past
  • You’re unable to adjust to civilian lifestyles, workplaces or careers


Hope in Health is a place for moments of discovery, unexpected learnings and memories to be savoured and retold. We go beyond providing a bed and tackling addiction to offer a holistic sanctuary for people to understand the root of their addiction and build the framework to transform their lives – from the inside out. Expect unwavering support even as you reintegrate back into the everyday.

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